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Bathroom before and after - Mcmanus Family

We were called in to completely remodel this tired and very ated bathroom. Originally there were beige tiles on the walls and floor. A sunken countertop basin with Louvre doors, standard 9 litre toilet with wooden effect toilet seat and a standard bath with 4 panel folding door. There was also a very old manual mixer shower installed with exposed pipework and it was also fed off the cold water tank in the loft. The pressure was really bad and if the washing machine was on downstairs or somebody turned a tap on the shower would run cold.

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The below video is before we started work on the bathroom.

First call of duty was to pull all of the old furniture out and pull out all the walls and floor to leave us with a bare shell to start again with.

We planned to install a 1.2 metre vanity basin unit so we had to build out one of the walls with cls so this would fit nice and tight.

Two of the walls were exterior brick walls so we dot and dabbed the plasterboard on to these two walls with dry wall adhesive.

The other two walls timber framed, we reinforced the walls with extra cls to take the weight of the plasterboard and tiles.

The plumbing in the property was very old and dated. Although there was a combi boiler feeding the hot water. The only mains fed pressure was to the kitchen with the bathroom still being fed by the water tank in the loft. We bypassed the tank and ran a new mains cold feed down to the bathroom to supply the new shower, bath, toilet and basin. This not only greatly improved the pressure but made the water fresh and more hygienic to use.

"Mr Mcmanus and his wife were extremely happy that they now have a beautiful, practical bathroom that they can be proud of”

Mr Mcmanus (our customer) had asked us to install an L shaped shower bath so this was next on the agenda. This fitted in perfectly and provided a more comfortable bath and shower.

Before we started tiling we waterproofed the bathe and shower walls with a Mapei waterproofing kit to ensure that there was no leaks and the walls would remain strong when using the bath and shower.

Mr Mcmanus had chosen a stone look porcelain tile for the walls and floors. We fully tiled the bathroom and finished off with chrome trim round the window and on the external corners. We had to use a cement based tile adhesive rather than a ready mixed bucket adhesive as the adhesion would not be strong enough and porcelain tiles are extremely heavy.

We then installed the vanity unit and basin and it fitted perfectly. Behind the basin we installed a full height and width mirror 1.2m x 1.4m which gave the illusion that the bathroom was much bigger than it was and really bounced the light around the room and brightened the whole place up.

Rather than the tired old small radiator being replaced we fitted a 450mm x 975mm chrome heated towel rail to bring more heat to the bathroom.

Next was the toilet which was a neat modern close coupled toilet with a push button flush and soft closing seat.

The biggest problem with the bathroom was the non-efficient shower. We had already buried the pipework in the wall before it was built back up. We decided to install a bar thermostatic mixer shower to stop the problem of the shower running cold when anther tap was turned on. We used a shower fixing kit to screw the shower to the wall and make it solid with no movement in the bar at all. With a modern riser rail the shower is now both functional and looks stunning.

Last but not least we painted the tongue and groove ceiling the inside of the door and the window to make all the woodwork uniform and take away the redwood colour that was there before and we installed a four spot light fitting to really brighten the room up.

Mr Mcmanus and his wife were extremely happy that they now have a beautiful, practical bathroom that they can be proud of and not be embarrassed to let guests in to use.

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